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[OOC] Eluvio Application

NAME: Stefan
AGE: 28
CONTACT: Plurk: [plurk.com profile] dragoon1940 or PM me via this journal.

NAME: Luke Skywalker
CANON: Star Wars
AGE: 21
CANON POINT: The Empire Strikes Back - just prior to arrival on Cloud City.
BACKGROUND: Wookiepedia Link

PERSONALITY: Luke is, at this point in his story, still very much a callow youth. He's not as inexperienced as he once was and three years of war, fighting and adventures have left him a bit wiser and a bit more knowledgeable about the galaxy at large. However, he's still a young man in the midst of a great adventure and quite a lot of the bravado that comes with that has remained with him. He's young, after all – only twenty-one. Old enough to buy a beer in the modern U.S., but still a college student, essentially.

Luke is headstrong, stubborn, brave and a good person at heart. This means that he tends to jump without looking at what he might be getting into. He's a hero or acts like one. Like most young men, he thinks of himself as invincible and this adds to his penchant for getting in over his head or being reckless. He tends to act, regardless of his own personal safety and he won't hesitate to throw himself into the line of fire to fight for what he thinks is right or for a friend or simply to achieve an objective. While this means he takes risks, those risks have usually paid off. So far, anyway.

At this point in his life, Luke is also impatient. This, again, contributes to his impulsiveness and a tendency to leap before looking. It also means he tends to get frustrated easily, especially if things don't go right immediately and he's quick to anger or rise to a challenge (making him somewhat foolhardy). This usually lands him trouble, like his disregard for personal safety. It also means he won't wait around that long for a plan – if he sees an opportunity, he'll take it and if he thinks he's needed, he'll run off, even if others council against it. This tends to combine with his own disregard for personal safety and his physical bravery in a rather unhealthy combination. Although he hasn't been too seriously hurt (yet), it's probably only a matter of time before he lands in something that's going to end up making him bleed. Badly.

He tends to be a bit naïve as well. Not as much as he used to be, naturally, but he still tends to take people and things at face value and could probably be fooled by a convincing enough lie. Like Yoda. When the Jedi Master showed up at his camp, acting like a crazy old hermit, Luke dismissed him as just that, thinking that Yoda would be a great Jedi warrior. When that turned out to not be the case, Luke was just as quick to turn around and beg for training from the old master.

He's also not incredibly experienced in terms of romance. He gets a bit flustered around aggressive women (or women who he's interested in) and at heart, he's still a bit of a gawkish farmboy when it comes to that sort of thing. Hasn't stopped him from having a few dalliances or love interests, but it's just not something he's had much time to experience or think about.

Further, he's just a fundamentally good person at heart. He believes in freedom for the galaxy, preserving life and helping people out. He'll jump in without hesitation to save someone in distress or to help someone who really needs it. He earnestly believes in defeating the oppressive Empire and has risked his life on more than one occasion to help bring it down. He's also slefless enough to risk his life for his friends and people he might not even know.

Luke's also loyal to a fault. He'll back his friends up almost to the bitter end, although this doesn't mean he won't argue with them or get in disagreements either.

He tends to be charismatic, in a boyish, charming sort of way. He's an officer in the Alliance and he's led troops into combat before. He's served as the leader of Rogue Squadron, a group of elite pilots, and he actually has the rank of commander. He's a trusted, valued member of the Alliance.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Luke has the ability to tap into the Force – an invisible energy field generated and made up by all living things in the galaxy. It binds everything together, is in everyone and everything. He's sensitive to this field and has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Once he gets the training, anyway. As of right now, he's rather half-trained and he's not all that impressive.

He has a limited amount of telekenesis, mostly limited to mediumish rocks and objects about the size of trash-cans (although weight isn't too much of an issue, considering R2-D2 is probably much heavier than your average trash can). He also needs to be concentrating a great deal to use it – although it's not that difficult for him with smaller objects, like his lightsaber, which is about the size and weight of a modern flashlight. Items roughly that size and weight or smaller tend to be almost reflexive now.

He can also improve his physical abilities somewhat, whether speed, jumping height, or endurance. For example, he leaped out of a rather deep pit – straight up, more than ten feet – and into the wires and equipment overhead. He also does some slightly above standard stuff on Dagobah – like a one-handed handstand or frontflips over obstacles.

The Force also allows him brief glimpses of the future (or possible futures) whiled meditating. In combat, it enhances his reflexes and provides him with a slight danger sense and (with concentration) he can intercept and deflect projectiles with his lightsaber, as well as make impossible shots (like the one that destroyed the Death Star). In theory, he can also use the Force to read people's minds and speak to others telepathically, as well as affect perceptions and induce people with commands or thoughts. However, at his current canon point, he only really does this with Leia. So, his actual ability to do such a thing seems limited, at best.

He can also sense “disturbances” in the Force, such as great emotional turmoil, mass death and other such events.

INVENTORY: Flightsuit, jumpsuit, lightsaber, blaster pistol, tool kit, some miscellaneous ration packs, plus a T-65 X-Wing starfighter. The T-65 is a space superiority fighter, capable of hyperspace jumps/FTL travel, as well as atmospheric flight and landing. It carries four laser cannons as standard armament, as well as a pair of torpedo launchers. It typically requires an on-board astromech droid to assist with hyperspace calculations.

Speaking of which, he's also brought along his astromech! R2-D2. R2-D2 is a spunky little droid who can do a wide variety of useful things, including assisting with repairs, calculating hyperspace jumps, and providing helpful commentary. He has a wide variety of tools included in his chassis, from an arc welder, to a computer interface, to a a fire extinguisher. He has troubles with stairs though, since he moves via wheels.

Sample One

Sample Two


There's always something that needs to be done, especially when your home is a massive space ship cruising through the cosmos. A lot of those problems ended up being somewhere exposed to the cold vacuum of space. So someone had to go out there to fix things. It's just Luke's luck that he's the one who has to go out this time. He doesn't mind helping out, not really, but there's still something slightly nerve-wracking about having nothing between you and the void but a thin layer of synthetic material and a helmet.

Could be worse, could just be magnetic fields. That's usually a lot colder than an insulated space suit. Luke takes a quick glance through the little window of the outer airlock door and then shrugs. Time to get to it. He glances back at his companion and gives a little tilt of his head, "Here, give me a hand with this-"

Luke is shrugging into the slightly bulky spacesuit, carefully checking the different seals and clasps. You don't want any of those to fail when you're out there. This particular model isn't one he's familiar with, but all spacesuits end up being very similar when you get down to it. Right? Right. It'll be easy. Just go out there, realign the antenna, do a bit of welding, and then come back in. Micrometeorite damage.

Luke takes a deep breath and then with the assistance of his assistant, slides the helmet on and clicks it into place. There's a brief flurry of activity as they both double and triple check the seals and then his spotter gives him a thumbs up - good to go. Luke shoots a grin back through the heavy glass and returns the gesture with a gloved hand.

Hey, it'll be fun.