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[OOC] Permissions

☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Average height, maybe slightly on the shorter side; sandy blonde hair, bright eyes, easy smile. Fairly fit, all things considered. usually carries a lightsaber on his hip.
♚ FASHION: Tends to be a utilitarian dresser, just because REBELLION for the last three years. Fatigues or whatever might be appropriate for the weather.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Luke has a rather easy smile and tends to seem like he's enthusiastic and ready to go at just about any time. When he's in a more sour mood, he tends to sulk rather than lash out. Still easy to tell. Wears his heart on his sleeve most of the time. Fairly friendly most of the time.
♚ AURAL: Sounds downright American. And pretty damn young, to boot, considering he's only 21.
♚ OLFACTORY: Usually clean. He doesn't use very flowery soap, but when he's been out and about, he might come back in smelling like engine grease, all things considered.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Luke will likely be able to pick up on people intruding on his thoughts; he has the Force and has been (kind of) trained in using them for his own mental discipline and safety.


♚ BACKTAGGING: Totally willing to backtag; just let me know!
♚ FOURTHWALLING: I would rather not.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Totally open to hugs, kisses, and other PDA. Luke's happy to respond in kind, although kissing out of the blue is not something he's really used to. Hugs are great, though!
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Luke will defend himself if attacked, so be aware of that. He's relatively skilled with a lightsaber and a blaster, plus he's got the Force to enhance his physical abilities (sort of). He's unlikely to attack anyone else for no reason.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: Totally down for shipping! But Luke's a dork, so be warned.

☄ Permissions

♚ FORCE POWERS: In theory, Luke can pick up surface emotions, pick up thoughts (such as hostile intent) or communicate telepathically with people using the Force. He can also use the classic "Jedi Mind Trick" on the "weak-minded". Please let me know if it's OK (or not) for Luke to do any of that to your character, should it ever come up!